• Hospitality Consultancy


    Experience in Project Report, Feasibility Report Making, Designing Existing HOTEL MARKETING, OPERATION & BRAND TIEUP.

    Holiday World Express is a multi-service provider for the development of hotels, resorts, amusement & water park spas, restaurants, fast food, real estates and related activities. It provides total services for project completion and operation. Its objective is to provide its expertise to the total satisfaction of its clients and enhance customer’s asset value. With international experience at its backing, it has expertise to meet the requirements of every client. Holiday World Express proudly says, WE DELIVER.

    Its services can be classified in five categories.

    BUSINESS PLANNING - Holiday World Express prepare a business plan for the companies who wish to diversify in the hospitality industry. Companies who are already in the hospitality industry, Holiday World Express (HOSPITALITY DIVISION) prepare expansion plan and advice on the areas where new hotels can be located.

    PROJECT HUNTING, TAKE-OVER & MERGERHoliday World Express search hotel sites, participate in tendering and bidding process, find running hotels which can be taken over and find partners for its clients for joint-venture. Holiday World Express carry out Due Diligence and assist in negotiations.

    PROJECT PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT – In case of new hotels under construction, Holiday World Express offer whole range of services either directly or through their associates viz. concept planning, market & feasibility report, Full role of project consultants, project financing, facility planning, interior designing, licencing & Approval and PMC.

    FRANCHISE & MANAGEMENT – It is UNITED’s forte to advise the hotel owner on entering into a franchise or management agreement with international hotel chains and participate in negotiations and drafting agreements.

    PRE-OPENING & POST-OPENING SERVICES – Where the hotel owner has not signed a management or franchise contract with a hotel group, Holiday World Express advises the hotel owner on all matters related to pre-opening activities as well as post opening operational matters.